About Randy Tate

In early 2007, four accomplished and involved gigsters got together to start a movement known as Randy Tate.  Their rock sound is dusted with traces of funk, rockabilly, and grunge.  This new school rock n’ roll homage is bringing a new buzz to the music scene. Their forthcoming album Randy Tate and the Cats was recorded in San Antonio’s prestigious Sound Box Studios and will be released on July 24, 2012.

The band is a decorated and experienced four-piece all-star cast.  At the core structure of Randy Tate is Tate himself, using a keen hold on songwriting to lace together jammy tales of a life lived loud.  Curly Castillo is holding up the structure for the crew.  Curly is the prodigal protégé of career drummer and Grammy winner Chale Castillo.  At a young age, Curly has already established himself as one of Texas’ elite drummers with his wacky, syncopated, solid, and shake drumming.  EJ Laurel brings his fat bass to the rodeo and gives a stylish groove to the Tate sound.  Fed Gutierrez’s lead guitar sound is best described as a blend of rhythm, melody, charm and surprise.

Randy Tate has opened for bands such as The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Hacienda, Heartless Bastards, and Girl in a Coma.  They have also co-headlined the Jamboozie festival for the past two years. At Autmus Fest ‘O6, Tate took the award for Best Vocalist.  Curly was nominated for Sledge TV’s Best Drummer for 2007.  In addition to their live conquests, Randy Tate also reigns supreme in the studio. Already available for sale on ITunes and other various outlets, Randy Tate and the Cats is making its way into the CD players of fans at a viral rate.

In the pursuit of true rock stardom, Randy Tate is taking their talents on the road and dominating the I-35 corridor with their style and swank.




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